Neuf-Brisach THE FESTUNGSSTERN (star shaped fortification) in Neuf-Brisach forms the starting point for Helmut Lutz’s visions. Inspired by this star, the sculptural installation Sternenweg (road under the stars) was created in the years between 1978 and 1982 on the Münster-mountain in Breisach. This lifework with it’s transformation of the Festungsstern leads to a West-East-path initiative. Together with the Etoile Sonore Association, Helmut Lutz, for the time being, organised festivals in the trench of the fortress together with Maurice Andree, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Markus Stockhausen, Mauricio Kagel and many more. These festivals are already fragments of the works Sternenweg, Augenblick and Radbühne. Markus Stockhausen’s trumpet builds the link between them. In the year 2000, Neuf-Brisach and Old Brisach became partner cities. The cultural co-operation between Germany and France increases.
Sternenweg Schiffsbühne THE SCULPTURE-STAGE shows a tree of live in its centre with a double spiral wound around it. Four books of stone symbolise the four ends of the world, while eagle, lion, bull and angel refer to the figurative language of Ezekiel. Huge trombones and bellows produce sounds and sound patterns. In the year 2005 Sternenweg was final set up in Sarajevo.

Radbühne THE WHEEL-STAGE with Adam in the Earth-wheel, Prometheus in the fire-wheel and Pandora in her box forced open, is installed in the corner tower at the Colmarer Tor (Gate of Colmar) as a permanent exhibition. At the same time a documentation of the Sternenweg and the figures belonging to it is presented. By appointment to the Information Centre of Neuf-Brisach, the wheel-stage can be visited. There is a performance once every year. The Greek mythology and the fire-symbolism of Prometheus are connected to the theme of the sun of Louis XIV and the sun in the coat of arms of the city. In the centre of the wheel-sculpture a wooden pendulum shows a messenger of the gods, who passes the globe on to Sophia. In this spirit, the Sternenweg plans a visit to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul for the year 2004. The work of Helmut Lutz has got the game of wisdom at its centre of interest. The sculpture building is not only a stage for Helmut Lutze’s own performances that belong to the sculpture, but it also gives room to other plays and performances, just like the wheel-stage which hosts many concerts in its pentagonal shaped room. The flame-sculpture Erato, erected on the corner tower, is to be seen from afar. This is a hint to the muse of lyric with a reference to the main topic of the Sternenweg – the encounter.

Radbuehne I Radbuehne II Radbuehne III Radbuehne IV