Friedrichshafen FRIEDRICHSHAFEN As an extension of the Sternenweg, the sound-ship Im Augenblick was developed in 1994. The 40 m long construction made of steel and wood forms a round stage in the centre from which Europa’s bull rises. With its horns it points to the tower of the muse Euterpe. The muse Urania, the astronomy, lies on the ram. The Augenblick-rope springs forth from her eye. With the support of the city Friedrichshafen, the Danube happening was achieved, and after that the exhibition at the sea promenade of Friedrichshafen.
Budapest BUDAPEST The Danube operation starts with the help of pater Notker in front of the monastery Beuron. Under the patronage of the mayor of Vienna Helmut Zilk, the ship-sculpture Im Augenblick leads all the way to the Yugoslavian war border. In front of the Budapest Parliament it comes to a performance and a dangerous high wire act with the Falko Traber. The word Augenblick (glimpse of an eye) is ambiguous and refers to the war in former Yugoslavia. This Danube path also leads to the Bosporus, just like the road under the stars from Santiago de Compostela. Our ship-happening inevitably finds its end at Mohacs at the Hungarian border. Only in the year 2000 the path finally leads to Sarajevo.
Sarajevo SARAJEVO Put up in front of Sarajevo’s railway station, which had been shot to pieces, the sculpture Im Augenblick becomes a stage of communication. Sophia wearing the dress of clock hands is performed by Nemia from Sarajevo. The sounds of Markus Stockhausen’s trumpet come through the destroyed city. Under the organization of Helmut Lutz, different artists from Sarajevo compete in their performance on the stage. The best groups then present their work in the following year on the sound-ship that had returned to Friedrichshafen.
Europakarte Map of Europe The centre of the eastern Ikarus wing shows the wound Sarajevo. This wound has to be bandaged, while the connection of the Orient to Europe has to be kept in attention. In this spirit the permanent exhibition of the Sternenweg in Sarajevo happend. This shows the special connection with the sound-ship Im Augenblick that is put up at its permanent exhibition place in the partner city Friedrichshafen. Both works establish a stage for communication.